We represent the inventor and global manufacturer of infrared heating panels – Fenix Group

We are a direct importer – representative of one of the leaders of global manufacturers of infrared heating panels – Fenix group. The Holding consists of ten manufacturing and trading companies. It is one of the largest European manufacturers of infrared electric heating systems. It exports its products to more than 60 countries in the world, located on 4 continents.

The Holding owns production and trade companies in the Czech Republic, France, Great Britain, Spain, Norway and Slovakia.

For over 25 years we have been developing and improving our products and services. The continuous development of the company has made us one of the world leaders in the field of energy efficient heating of utility and industrial buildings, warehouses and distribution centres, using infrared technology.

Maintaining the highest quality standards, we continually enrich our portfolio with new products.We offer a wide range of economical heating technologies from one manufacturer. In this way, we can provide our customers with independent recommendations.

We believe that the key element in providing customers with innovative heating solutions is the great commitment of all employees – dedication to the design and construction of reliable infrared heating systems. When you combine these facts with the best known energy efficiency of infrared radiators, you will find that having Fenix Group heating system means comfort and fast return on costs. We are not compromising. You should not either.

Each Fenix group infrared radiator is made exclusively from the best quality materials, designed to function reliably for several decades. If you want, you can call us picky, but before any radiator leaves our factory, it is subjected to thorough testing and thorough inspection. In this way we can be sure that every product meets our stringent standards and is worthy to represent our brand.

Our customers appreciate our values and they have created our present image: In this way we have evolved from the pioneer position in the field of innovative infrared heating systems to the position of one of the world’s market leaders.