Advantages of heating with infrared heating panels
  • heat wave flow is emitted from the surface of the radiating panel; Most of its spectrum lies in the infrared wavelength range longer than 5 micrometres, so it is absorbed by the surface of the human body to a great extent.Therefore, heating is carried out in a similar way to heating items.
  • In case of heating objects and people up to 20-22 ° C, using the infrared heating panels, you can already have the same thermal comfort at 18-19 ° C, saving energy at least by 18-24%.
  • Infrared heating panels can be used for targeted heating of people in specific areas such as large halls, workshops, shops, warehouses  or benches in churches – and achieve more than 50% savings in heating costs compared to conventional heating methods. This method is known as zone heating.
  • a more even distribution of temperature in the vertical profile can be achieved – a difference of 1-2 ° C between the floor and the ceiling (for convection heating, a difference of 1 ° C to 30-50 cm in height).
  • as a result of reduced airflow, dust particles are also limited. There is a smaller danger of the possibility of various diseases such as asthma, mucositis, etc.
  • due to the elevated wall temperature, the possibility of condensation is greatly reduced, which increases the thermal insulation of the external walls and therefore gives lower heating bills.
  • for infrared radiation with a wavelength of more than 3 μm, the glass is not “transparent” (permeable to this wavelength), so there is no heat loss  becauseof flow through the glass. This is an  effect of so-called “warm windows”.
  • the heating panels do not require any inspection or maintenance.