Saving energy, heat and money thanks to infrared heating
Compared to the usual heating method, you can save up to 30% on costs each winter using infrared heating. How is it possible?

There are several reasons:
  • The air in the room may be 2-3 ° C lower than usual because infrared (heat) radiation heats you directly instead of heating the air first (reducing the temperature by 1 ºC gives 6% savings). The wall temperature is higher than with convection heating, there is no condensation and the thermal resistance (thermal insulation) of the walls increases significantly. (1% decrease in wall humidity causes a 20-30% increase in thermal resistance). You can save even more: The most effective method of controlling the temperature in a room heated by infrared panels is to connect them to a room thermostat with programming. Regulators are placed in every heated room. In this way, when it comes to infrared heating, your savings can reach up to 30% in heating costs.
  • We recommend using thermostats with a load of up to 16A. The radiators can be connected to any regulation system normally used. Heating can be controlled via the Internet or via SMS. In hotel facilities, it is possible to combine the heating system of individual rooms with the reservation system at the reception. The system can also react to opening windows – the device will automatically turn off.
  • The costs of operating the radiators are practically zero – they do not require annual inspection of the chimney and the boiler, there is no risk of pipes bursting or leakage of the heating medium. If, in addition, you choose the right electricity tariff, the efficiency of the infrared system is unique.
  • In recreational facilities, when they are not used, the facility cools down. When re-heating with radiant heaters, there is no heat loss by heating the air – the walls, floors and people in the room are immediately heated. Despite the fact that the room is relatively cool, you will feel warm.
  • In order to maximize savings, you should choose the most favorable tariff from your electricity supplier.
Why can you save by using infrared heating?
It is currently the most effective way of converting electricity into heat.
The principle is really simple. The electric current flows through a high resistance heater. The resistance heating element is thus heated and radiates infrared energy waves of the required length through the surface of the heating plate. This radiation has the natural ability to pass through objects much faster than radiation from convection sources such as gas or classic electric storage stoves or convectors. For this reason, about 80% of heat is absorbed by objects in the room instead of unnecessary loss of air circulation through the walls, floors and doors.
Thanks to this, the new generation of infrared heating consumes up to 30% less energy than conventional convection heating systems. Compared to convection, infrared heating does not waste heat on heating the air, which is a very inefficient way of heating a room. Most of the warm air is accumulated under the ceiling, where the temperature reaches up to 10 ° C more than at the floor (the temperature increase with convection heating is 2.5 ºC for each meter of room height). So we feel cold near the floor, although classic heating works at full power. With infrared heating panels, you can forget about the feeling of cold feet at your home forever.