ECORAD G glass heating panels in aluminum frame

IECORAD G glass panels together with ECORAD GR are unique products that combine cost effective infrared heating with high aesthetics. ECORAD glass panels can also be manufactured with a print that will turn the infrared heater into a unique and highly noticeable decorative element of your room.

Assembly parts included.

294 €

tructurally, they come from the ECORAD U panel group, which has been produced since 1990, and after the ECOFLOOR cable installation, they are the second most successful export product of our company. Glass panels are mainly designed for heating rooms where they function not only as a heating source but also as an important element of your house or flat decor. They are also an ideal form of heating for low-energy houses (Leh), where they minimize the cost of heating. Plates are equipped with special insulation, which prevents the heat from penetrating the back of the heating panel. In addition to the thermostat, they are also equipped with universal handles that allow installation both horizontally and vertically. The panel is very versatile in this way, offering the ability to be used in various applications according to customer requirements. Glass colours: white, black, mirror.

peOutputVoltageRatingDimensionsWeightRecommended installationQty on palletCat. No.Price inc. VAT €
[W][V][IP][mm][kg] [pcs]
ECORAD G 300 white300230IP 44600 x 600 x 307.3for ceiling min. 2.5 m,
or on the wall
ECORAD G 600 white6001200 x 600 x 3013.6155437112401,80
ECORAD G 850 white8501200 x 800 x 3016.5155437114511,00
ECORAD G 300 black300600 x 600 x 307.3305437116292,60
ECORAD G 600 black6001200 x 600 x 3013.6155437118401,80
ECORAD G 850 black8501200 x 800 x 3016.5155437120511,00
ECORAD G 300 mirror300600 x 600 x 409.8305437126390,60
ECORAD G 600 mirror6001200 x 600 x 4018.9155437128652,40