ECORAD K + infrared panels for heating work stations

Panels are low power and suitable for zone heating in upright position or for heating low-energy and passive buildings (ceiling or wall mountable).

Mounting frame included.

141,40 €

ECORAD K + panels are designed for vertical mounting. Suitable for heating in pews in churches, office stands, cash desks, etc.

The standard colour is brown and white. Other colours are possible they can be selected from a sampler published on our website.

TypeOutputVoltageRatingDimensionsWeightRecommended installationQty on palletCat. No.Price inc. VAT €
ECORAD 100 K+100230IP 44500 × 320 × 302.1vertical or horizontal position605401200141,40
ECORAD 200 K+200750 × 320 × 303.1455401205165,20
ECORAD 270 K+2701000 × 320 × 303.9305401210191,80
ECORAD 330 K+3301250 × 320 × 305.4305401215215,60
ECORAD 400 K+4001500 × 320 × 306.4305401220252,00


Panel mounting frame ECORAD 100 K+ (if buy out of set)54012309,80
Panel mounting frame ECORAD 200 K+ (if buy out of set)54012319,80
Panel mounting frame ECORAD 270 K+ (if buy out of set)54012339,80
Panel mounting frame ECORAD 330 K+ (if buy out of set)54012329,80
Panel mounting frame ECORAD 400 K+ (if buy out of set)54012349,80