EECORAD S+ High temperature industrial panels

Infrared high temperature radiators are mainly designed for heating large-scale buildings and industrial agricultural structures, although they can be used in any structure with a ceiling height of 3.5 m to 10 m.

Mounting bracket included, for an extra fee frame for concealed mounting and protective grille.

357 €

Heating element equipped with a special Silicating coating.

This patent-pending technology makes it possible to achieve absolutely exceptional, excellent emissivity values for radiated surfaces that bring it closer to those of the so- called black body (emissivity up to 0.98 MU). The ECORAD S + high temperature radiant panels are available in single, double and three-blade versions with power ratings from 0.9 to 3.6 kW.In addition to the standard surface finish with highly resistant powder coating, anti-corrosion versions of the heating panels are also available. These radiators have hinged brackets that allow the panel to be installed at an angle, protective grids and allow installation in gypsum plasterboard and plasterboard in the ceilings.

ECORAD S + Anticor – casing is covered with two layers of special paint with Aluzinc coating on which special powdered plastic layeris applied. They are highly resistant to corrosion. Panels have a high resistance to increased moisture, resistance to salts,etc.The heating element is made of aluminum coated with a patented SILICATING method.

ypeOutputVoltageRatingDimensionsWeightRecommended installationQty on palletCat. No.Price inc. VAT €
ECORAD S+ 09900230

IP x4



According to individual conditions,for full area 5-8 m, zonal 3.4-4.5 m

ECORAD S+ 1212005401542380,80
ECORAD S+ 181800230/400
ECORAD S+ 2424005401546512,40
ECORAD S+ 303000230/400
ECORAD S+ 3636005401550652,40
Protective grid for panels ECORAD S+ 09 1243,40
Protective grid for panels ECORAD S+ 18 2443,40
Protective grid for panels ECORAD S+ 30 3651,80
Frame for recessed mounting ECORAD S+198,80
OutputVoltageRatingDimensionsWeightRecommended installationQty on palletCat. No.Price inc. VAT €
ECORAD S+ 09 Anticor900230

IP 44




According to individual conditions, for full area 5-8 m, zonal 3.4-4.5 m

ECORAD S+ 12 Anticor12005401554404,60
ECORAD S+ 18 Anticor1800230 / 400 2N1550x250x6011.6395401556512,40
ECORAD S+ 24 Anticor24005401558536,20
ECORAD S+ 30 Anticor3000230 / 400 3N1550x350x6016.0265401560652,40
ECORAD S+ 36 Anticor36005401562682,20