ECORAD S+ SHORT High temperature industrial panels

The heating panel is the shorter version of the ECORAD S + radiating board, with a length of only 650 mm.

Assembly parts included.

357 €

Some applications do not allow the installation of our S and S + heating panels in a row so that the lamps and panels are at the same height, thus creating a harmonious whole in the interior space of the building. We have managed to solve this problem by extending our production offer, which includes a shortened version of this radiant heating panel.

Its length is only 650mm. The smaller and more compatible dimensions of this panel make it look more elegant and also make it easier to place in different rooms. The structural and technical parameters of the board are identical to the ECORAD S and S + panels. This panel is designed for heating industrial halls, gyms, warehouses, workshops and farm buildings.

TypeOutputVoltageRatingDimensionsWeightRecommended installationQty on palletCat. No.Price inc. VAT £
ECORAD S+ 06 short600230IP 44650x250x604.0According to individual conditions, for full area 5-8 m, zonal 3.4-4.5 m685401537357,00
ECORAD S+ 08 short8505401538389,20