Panels for heating animal farms ULTRATHERM

ULTRATHERM panels use infrared radiation principle and are intended for zone heating of rooms used for animal breeding, large terrariums and pens for dogs.ULTRATHERM radiators use the infrared IRC principle.

Assembly parts included.

128,80 €

Plates are equipped with a thermal fuse that protects them from overheating.

The installation is possible in a vertical position. Mounting frames must be ordered additionally if vertical installation is required. The standard colour of the panels is brown – they can also be ordered in white, and other colours are also available for an additional fee of £15.

This radiation is outside the visible light spectrum and therefore is invisible to the human eye. The infrared (heat) wave ignores the process of heating the air; instead, it directly heats the fixed objects that the heat wave hits – the equipment, as well as the animals there. This heating method is very similar to heating by sunlight and therefore is most similar to the existing heating in the natural environment.

OutputVoltageRatingDimensionsWeightQty on palletCat. No.Price inc. VAT £
Panel ULTRATHERM 100 h100230IP 44500x320x302.5608515010128,80
Panel ULTRATHERM 200 h200750x320x303.7458515015148,40
Panel ULTRATHERM 270 h2701000x320x305.2308515020172,20
Panel ULTRATHERM 330 h3301250x320x306.6308515025196,00
Panel ULTRATHERM 400 h4001500x320x307.9308515030226,80
Ceiling fixing frame for the horizontal installation of  ULTRATHERM 1005401230 
Ceiling fixing frame for the horizontal installation of  ULTRATHERM 200–2705401231 
SCeiling fixing frame for the horizontal installation of ULTRATHERM 330–4005401232