Thermal comfort of infrared heating

The great advantage of the new generation of infrared heating is the higher feeling of thermal comfort in a heated room. Due to the fact that infrared waves heat directly people or radiate from heated objects in the room, you can heat the room by setting the temperature 2-3 ° C lower than in the case of a classic heating system.

A convection heating system uses the big difference between the air heated by the radiator and the air in the room. Air is used to transfer heat, regardless of the primary energy source (gas boiler, solid fuel boiler, electric convector, heat pump). When heating with a radiator (radiator, convector, etc.), warm air rises up, while cold air falls down. For this reason, the ceiling is clearly warmer than the floor where we are.

The infrared heating system does not use more than 20% of energy to heat the air. Thanks to the infrared properties, the floors and walls are directly heated. The temperature of the room thus heated is more balanced. The difference between floor and ceiling temperature is usually around 1 ° C (with convection heating the difference can be up to 10 ° C!). Due to the fact that the structures and objects in the room have the same or higher temperature than the ambient air, people in the room do not have the feeling of „cold feet”.