Bench heating panels ECORAD CH (For churches)

This type of heating panel is designed to be suspended under the benches, with a radiant plate positioned towards the floor. By heating the floor and also by convection, heat comfort increases as needed.

277,20 €

The panel is matt black and aesthetically harmonizes with the dark shade of wood from which the benches are made. Also thanks to their assembly under the benches, the panels are virtually invisible. This is an ideal solution for zone heating of churches, and especially for historic churches, where the conservator’s consent is required for the installation of heating. Panels are fitted with protective grids as standard, which protects the church users from direct contact with the hob. The first place where these panels have been tested and installed successfully is St. Gotthard Church in Bouzov.

TypeOutputVoltageRatingDimensionsWeightQty on palletCat. No.Price inc. VAT €
ECORAD CH 02260230IP 44730 x 155 x 1153.8845401359277,20
ECORAD CH 044001096 x 155 x 1154.3685401360301,00
ECORAD CH 066001596 x 155 x 1156.5685401362329,00