ECORAD GS glass frameless panels

IECORAD GS – Glass Radiant Panel combines the elegant look of the ECORAD GR frameless panels and the versatility of ECORAD G / E panels.

Instalation frame attached. Designed for wall or ceiling mounting.

358,40 €

The brackets allow you to mount the panel to the wall (vertically) and to the ceiling (horizontally). Ceiling frame is necessary for ceiling mounting. The plate is equipped with a thermal fuse. Protection class II. The length of the power cables is 1.9 m.

TypeOutputVoltageRatingDimensionsWeightRecommended installationQty on palletCat. No.Price inc. VAT €
[W][V][IP][mm][kg] [pcs]
ECORAD GS 300 white300230IP 44585 x 585 x 399.7for ceiling min. 2.5 m,
(GS 300, GS 600)
for ceiling min. 3 m,
(GS 850)
or on the wall
ECORAD GS 600 white6001185 x 585 x 3917.6155437150505,40
ECORAD GS 850 white8501185 x 785 x 3921.85155437152777,00
ECORAD GS 300 black300585 x 585 x 399.7305437154358,40
ECORAD GS 600 black6001185 x 585 x 3917.6155437156505,40
ECORAD GS 850 black8501185 x 785 x 3921.85155437158777,00
ECORAD GS 300 mirror300585 x 585 x 411.55305437160390,60
ECORAD GS 600 mirror6001185 x 585 x 4121.15155437162745,60