Frameless ECORAD U, U+ infrared heating panels

Comprehensive radiating panels are designed for residential and non-residential spaces, to be mounted on the ceiling and suspended ceilings. They are mainly intended for heating offices, shops, flats and single family homes

217 €

The unique, patented technology used in these heating panels consisting in covering the inner part with thermoquartz, and external with thermocrystal gives very high radiation efficiency (radiant heat), which significantly reduces heating costs. The efficiency of these panels is highest in the market and is 74.2%, which compared to the heating panels made of sheet metal gives about a fifty percent increase in the efficiency of the transmission of heat radiation. (Panels made of sheet metal have radiation efficiency of 50-55%). The characteristic feature is the grain surface of the panel, which is one of the reasons for its significantly increased emissivity. The panel has 2.5 times the area of heat transfer compared to a smooth surface of the same size!

From the installation point of view, the heating panels should ideally be installed horizontally just below the ceiling structure or directly within the ceiling (suspended ceilings).This position allows for the highest efficiency and intensity of infrared radiation that can be achieved. The ECORAD U + infrared panels are equipped with thermal protection, which allows for simultaneous mounting on the wall (vertically) and under the ceiling (horizontally).

The standard colour is white. Other colours are possible; They can be selected from a sampler published on our website (see Colour Picker). The range of plate radiators is supplemented by aluminum perimeter frames, which allow the panel to be installed on plasterboards.

TypeOutputVoltageRatingDimensionsWeightRecommended installationQty on palletCat. No.Price inc. VAT €
ECORAD 300 U300230IP 44592 x 592 x 305.0min. 2.5 m405401037217,00
ECORAD 600 U6001192 x 592 x 309.6min. 2.5 m205401047280,00
ECORAD 700 U7009.2min. 2.7 m205401171326,20
ECORAD 300 U+300592 x 592 x 305.0min. 2.5 m405401161217,00
ECORAD 600 U+6001192 x 592 x 309.6min. 2.5 m205401162280,00
ECORAD 700 U+7009.2min. 2.7 m205401163326,20
ECORAD 850 U+850119 x 800 x 3011.2min. 3.0 m
Aluminum frame for ECORAD 300 U/U+123,20
Aluminum frame for ECORAD 600/700 U/U+123,20
Frame to mount ECORAD 300U (U+)142,80
Frame to mount ECORAD 600U/700U (U+)142,80
Frame to mount ECORAD 850U+142,80